Monday October 23, 2023
WOLVERHAMPTON said farewell to Monmore Green on Monday on what was an emotional night for all involved with the club.

95 years on from the first meeting at the famous Black Country venue, speedway bikes roared for the very last time as a huge crowd, unsurprisingly, packed the terraces.

And quite fittingly, the final fixture between the 2023 Parrys International Wolves and a Wolves At Heart select side ended in a draw after a thoroughly entertaining contest.

It was a solid showing throughout from the "˜away' side with four of their riders chipping in with 7+1, whilst Richard Lawson added 8+1 with Chris Harris topping their scoring with nine.

For the Parrys International Wolves, skipper Sam Masters, withdrew after pulling up part way through his first ride with the pain proving too much following a recent crash in Poland.

His six team-mates stepped up to the plate to earn the draw though with Rory Schlein providing the majority of the passing manoeuvres whilst Luke Becker enjoyed one final eye-catching performance in front of the Wolves faithful as he scored 13+2.

And it was the American who won the final ever race at Monmore Green "“ the circuit where he began his British Speedway career in 2019.

Said Becker: "Going out for that last one was definitely a bit emotional knowing that they were going to be the last ever laps around here.

"So of course I wanted to go out and win it, I didn't make the best of starts because I was a bit nervous at first, but luckily I was able to peel it off and finish on a high.

"It was emotional; it's a club I consider home ever since I came to England, ever since I came to Europe this is where I've been based and it's going to be a lot different moving forward.

"All we can do is pray for only one year out and I'd love to be back in the Wolfpack in one year's time."

WOLVERHAMPTON 45: Luke Becker 13+2, Rory Schlein 10, Ryan Douglas 7+1, Leon Flint 6+3, Steve Worrall 5+1, Zach Cook 4+1, Sam Masters 0.
WOLVES AT HEART SELECT 45: Chris Harris 9, Richard Lawson 8+1, Jacob Thorssell 7+1, Kyle Howarth 7+1, Scott Nicholls 7+1, Tom Brennan 7+1, Joe Thompson 0.

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