Monday July 18, 2022
WOLVERHAMPTON had to settle for third place in their home leg of the 2022 Premiership Pairs.

The Parrys International Wolves made a blistering start, with main duo Sam Masters and Nick Morris racing to 19-points in their first three outings to lead the scores.

A 6-3 was conceded against competition leaders Ipswich when Masters split their pairing with Rising Star Joe Thompson understandably out at the back.

The way things unfolded meant that it was a direct shootout in the final programmed heat against Belle Vue to see who would make it straight through to the Grand Final.

But the Aces dominated that decider setting up a Semi-Final for Wolves against Ipswich.

Things were looking good in the early stages of that one, but a slight error on bend two of lap two unsettled Morris, before he came down on bend three having being passed by Troy Batchelor.

The Suffolk side went on to claim a third straight round in the Grand Final opening up a 12-point lead with two events remaining.

The results saw the Parrys International Wolves pick up six tournament points on the night, and move them off the bottom of the standings above Peterborough.

Promoter Chris Van Straaten said: “I’d like to thank everyone involved for helping make tonight run as smoothly as it did.

“The track staff did a brilliant job, especially considering the extreme weather conditions, and we saw some great Speedway.

“I’d like to also thank the supporters who attended the meeting; it wasn’t a comfortable night for anyone with the temperatures but we really appreciate those who came and joined us trackside.”

The next action at Monmore Green takes place next Monday (July 25, 7.30) when King’s Lynn are the visitors.

BELLE VUE 31: Max Fricke 20, Brady Kurtz 9, Tom Brennan (RS) 2.
IPSWICH 27: Jason Doyle 18, Troy Batchelor 9, Danyon Hume (RS) 0.
WOLVERHAMPTON 24: Sam Masters 16, Nick Morris 8, Joe Thompson (RS) 0.
KING’S LYNN 21: Josh Pickering 14, Richard Lawson 7, Jason Edwards (RS) 0.
PETERBOROUGH 20: Chris Harris 13, Scott Nicholls 7, Jordan Jenkins (RS) 0.
SHEFFIELD 12: Adam Ellis 8, Jack Holder 2, Connor Mountain (RS) 2.

SEMI-FINAL: Doyle, Masters, Hume, Batchelor (exc/2mins), Morris (fx) – [Ipswich beat Wolverhampton 6-3].
GRAND FINAL: Doyle, Batchelor, Fricke, Kurtz – [Ipswich beat Belle Vue 7-2]

Ipswich 12, Belle Vue 8, Wolverhampton 6, King’s Lynn 4, Peterborough 2, Sheffield 0.

Ipswich 38, King’s Lynn 26, Sheffield 24, Belle Vue 22, Wolverhampton 10, Peterborough 8.

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