Wednesday June 09, 2021
WOLVERHAMPTON owner Chris Van Straaten has revealed how the club are suffering ‘severe losses’ operating under strict reduced audience numbers.

Van Straaten says it’s vital the roadmap remains on course for social distancing to be reduced or ruled out completely in order for the club to continue racing.

Parrys International Wolves are next at home on June 21, the day step four of the roadmap out of lockdown is due to begin.

Van Straaten warned: “It’s a dire situation for us, we are suffering severe losses every time we stage a home meeting because we simply cannot get any more supporters in due to the restrictions.

“It’s vital for us that Boris Johnson stays firm and sticks to the relaxing of social distancing to enable us to get more people on the terraces in the open air.

“We cannot be the only business struggling due to these restrictions which we have to adhere to after working with Wolverhampton City Council officials to get us reopened after 20 months.

“We’ve stuck to the book and done everything properly and I understand some fans have been frustrated, particularly in the warm weather. We’ve had every space taken on the terraces so people who have indoor tickets couldn’t leave indoors and go outside, but they are the rules and I understand the frustration.

“We are not trying to belittle the awful consequences of the covid virus which has affected so many people.

“I believe the vaccination rollout has been a massive success and that’s one box ticked, along with the fact that hospitalisations and death figures remain relatively low.

“The vast majority of adults have now had at least one vaccine and we have to unlock to allow the economy to recover.

“I would be heartbroken if Wolverhampton Speedway became one of those businesses to close down as a consequence of ongoing restrictions – but that is a possibility I cannot rule out at this stage because we simply cannot continue to sustain losses.”

Wolves head to Peterborough on Monday, the day of the announcement regarding June 21 and how much further lockdown will be eased.

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