Friday January 22, 2021
WOLVERHAMPTON owner Chris Van Straaten is facing a tough decision over who to leave out of his side.

New plans for the 2021 Premiership include a British youngster for each club which means Parrys International Wolves are forced into a change.

But Van Straaten has also praised the scheme as he feels the time is right for more British riders to have the opportunity to race.

"I had seven riders committed to 2021 after the cancellation of last season," said Van Straaten.

"Now someone will have to miss out and that's going to be tough for me, but it's something I will have to do.

"It's the right time to encourage the British riders and to place more emphasis on them because of the Polish rule restricting riders in their leagues to where else they can ride, plus Brexit has made using Scandinavian and Australian riders that little bit more complex with visas.

"I'm encouraged by the decisions made and I'm looking forward to the spring and the summer when we will be able to have crowds back in venues. I'm sure about that.

"Right now the statistics for the pandemic are shocking, but as the weather improves and the vaccination process speeds up it will only get better."

On the six-team Premiership, Van Straaten said: "It's disappointing to lose Swindon but we look forward to welcoming them back next year.

"Six teams for a shorter season probably suits us all for this year, but I must add in a normal season starting in March I wouldn't be running in a league that size. We can't do a full season with only five other teams in the league, but for this year it's fine."

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