Monday August 31, 2020
WOLVERHAMPTON title winner Wayne Carter will be back on a bike today – 29 years after celebrating league glory with the Midlands outfit.

The 49-year-old is captaining Scunthorpe as they take on a Leicester Select side in North Lincolnshire in front of a restricted crowd.

Carter retired in 2006 but remained involved in the sport as a rider coach.

But ahead of competing once again tomorrow, Carter has been looking back on his time with the Wolves fondly.

“I really did have some great times down at Wolves,” Carter said.

“I’ve got some great memories and it was great to be a part of the success they had in ’91.

“To go into the main team and win what we did was pretty awesome and it really was such a great team.

“When I look back now I realise even more than I did then how important the team spirit was at Wolves; not only did we have a team of great Speedway riders, we had a team that were like one big group of mates.

“We all got on with the supporters and I remember that presentation night when we showed off that trophy, you could tell just how much it meant to everyone.

“I always remember the meetings against the likes of Cradley, Belle Vue and Bradford – they were always really intense and we had some really close meetings.

“To race for Chris (Van Straaten – promoter) and Peter (Adams – team manager) was great and it was a brilliant club to ride for.

“I had some of my best times at Wolves and it was like my second home really.

“To see Chris and Peter are still going strong now and Wolves are never far away is great to see, especially for all the friends while I made down there.

“I’m really lucky to be still involved in Speedway in some way and every now and again you have these moments – and I’m actually looking forward to getting back on a bike competitively on Monday.

“It may be a long time since I last raced competitively but I’ve still been doing a lot of amateur meetings and getting plenty of laps in – so hopefully they won’t beat me up too much!

“I’m just grateful to be involved and as captain of the Scunthorpe team on Monday, I’ll be doing my job in geeing the lads up, showing them how to work together as a unit and hopefully I’ll be able to get them to team ride as well.

“These British kids coming through at the minute have got a lot of potential; they’re at that stage of their career and at that age where they’re hungry, they’re desperate to be on the bike all the time and trust me they don’t give an inch on track either!”

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