Monday June 29, 2020
WOLVERHAMPTON legend Freddie Lindgren has refused to rule out a return to the club at some point in the future.

But ‘Fast Freddie’ insists his immediate focus is on his ultimate ambition of becoming world champion.

And this season he had planned to sit out both the British and Swedish Leagues to just race in Poland – and ironically that’s the only league racing right now.

Speaking in issue 3 of the Wolverhampton season delay programme, Lindgren reveals his affection for the club and although there’s no sign of a short term return to Monmore, he’s left the door open to the future.

He said: “I absolutely loved racing for Wolverhampton - I had so many good times with the club.

“At the moment my personal goal is to try and become World Champion so I have to try and guide my career with what I believe are the best options to try and achieve that.

“That could be coming back to Wolverhampton at some point in the future - but at the moment I really don't know.”

‘Wolfpack’ is on sale now from and is due to be printed this Thursday. It will also include an interview with Sam Masters in Australia, an exclusive column from club owner Chris Van Straaten and popular presenter Ian ‘Porky’ Jones writes a column.

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