Thursday June 25, 2020
AUSTRALIAN ace Sam Masters has made immediate contact with Wolverhampton to assure them he’s ready to return to the UK.

Masters got in touch with the club in the aftermath of Boris Johnson’s announcements regarding the July 4 reopening of pubs, restaurants and other areas of the leisure and tourism industry.

Hopes of a restart for speedway have been raised at many clubs throughout the country and Parrys International Wolves owner Chris Van Straaten is keen to get things going as early as August 3.

“Once the Prime Minister had made his announcement, which we find particularly relevant to our sport with the relaxing of social distancing to one metre-plus, Sam was in touch,” said Van Straaten.

“We are all, at Wolverhampton, getting impatient now waiting to get the season going. August 3 is a date we are looking at because we are encouraged by developments this week.”

Masters has no concerns about Quantas Airlines pulling flights from Australia until October as he rarely uses that airline anyway.

British Speedway chairman Rob Godfrey is in regular contact with MPs who, in turn, are in communication with government officials to present the case for speedway’s restart.

Premiership chiefs have regular informal zoom meetings to compare notes and a new fixture list has been drawn up reflecting an August restart.

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