Thursday June 04, 2020
NEW Wolverhampton signing Broc Nicol has moved to quash any doubts about him making the trip from America should the season start.

Nicol was handed a blow on Monday when his Second Division team Glasgow pulled out of the league as they cannot guarantee appropriate safety measures in their stadium.

Initial fears were that Nicol would stay at home as he needs the income from second tier racing – but he was quick to fire a message to Parrys International Wolves owner Chris Van Straaten to reassure him.

“I’m still up for it for sure,” he said. “It’s a big disappointment but I’m hoping a place may come up somewhere if teams have to change due to rider availability issues.

“But I want to assure Wolverhampton that as soon as the green light is given I’ll be on the first available flight.”

Van Straaten said: “It was very reassuring to hear from Broc. It’s disappointing to see Glasgow pulling out but we have to respect their decision.

“I was at the track on Tuesday and a few jobs were carried out, we want to be ready to go if we get the green light.

“It’s so frustrating when you see all the warm weather we’ve been having and yet we haven’t been able to stage any racing – but what this country has gone through and indeed still is has to be the biggest factor.

“We are missing our sport terribly, but we all have to continue to do the right thing.”

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