Friday May 15, 2020
WOLVERHAMPTON racer Rory Schlein could be set to race on into 2021 – after seeing plans to return back to Australia this winter scuppered.

Schlein, a popular figure on the Monmore terraces, has been planning his farewell meeting for July but admits any dates available if or when the season starts will be needed by Wolverhampton.

And the coronavirus pandemic means he is unable to make sufficient plans to take his family back to his home country to set up home.

It means he is likely to seek a farewell meeting next year and he could yet be available for Parrys International Wolves.

He said: “Even if freedom of movement is OK by the end of the year, I don’t think we can go back to Australia because the visa for my missus has been put on hold.

“We were told we’d have a visa by November but then told a couple of months ago that all new visa applications have been put on hold during this crisis.

“We’d already put so many things in place, we enrolled the kids in a school in Australia and prepared to get ready to go.

“As we stand at the minute I’ll be doing next year. I’ve already notified Wolves and Somerset that I’ll be back.

“I’m not going to shout about it too much because no one really knows how this is going to pan out.

“This is the longest time I’ve been out of action, even longer than when I broke my back.

“I’ve not had the conversation with Chris van Straaten yet about my Farewell meeting. Even if we do get back on track, I don’t think my meeting will fit in anywhere.

“There’s so many unknowns even if we do get some sort of season.”

British Speedway bosses are still hopeful of starting the season in late July or early August with a modified fixture list for the Premiership.

More details will emerge after future briefings by the government further to the latest measured implemented this week.

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