Friday May 08, 2020
WOLVERHAMPTON’S popular Australian Sam Masters has admitted he didn’t realise how much he loves the sport – until now.

Masters is back in his home country awaiting news on whether the British season will start at some point during the current crisis.

He’s been busy in recent seasons racing in Scotland, England and Poland – and he also became a proud Dad in the winter.

“Since it’s been taken away I guess I’ve realised just how much I really do love it,” Masters said.

“I’ve said before maybe I took it for granted what I had so I am more keen than ever and I will be ready to go whenever they allow us to.

“It is hard to keep motivated because you don’t really know what you’re doing it for sometimes because you don’t know when it’s coming back.

“But you have to stay healthy and you have to stay as fit as you can just in case the season suddenly starts up again.

“People shouldn’t forget as well that we race and are paid per point so we’re not actually getting paid unless we’re racing.

“We spent a lot of money thinking that we were going to be going out there and scoring plenty of points – but we haven’t been able to do that as of yet.

“So it’s not been easy at all; we moved into a house, we were in it for eight days and then we moved out and flew back to Australia.”

The British season is currently on hold until a review on June 15 – and that is only if the government allow sporting gatherings of any kind.

“We don’t know what’s going to happen,” said Masters. “I’m just hoping I can go racing at some point because when we get the green light I’ll be on the first available flight back over to the UK.”

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