Tuesday March 17, 2020
WOLVERHAMPTON have wasted no time in reacting to British Speedway’s shutdown by pulling the plug on their pre-season events.

Parrys International Wolves were due to stage their press and practice session along with the fans forum next week.

But with the sport now closed down until at least April 15 due to the Coronavirus crisis, club bosses have been left with no alternative but to cancel.

Club owner Chris Van Straaten said: “Naturally we are very disappointed with this outcome but I think it’s as expected and inevitable.

“Personally I believe April is optimistic to think we’ll be racing again by then, but that’s only my personal view.

“I just hope when the green light comes for us to start the season we are all still in a position to do so.

“Having said that, the problems facing Speedway pale into insignificance in comparison to the problems facing the rest of the world with this virus which we all know so little about.

“I would like to thank everyone for their understanding and particularly our club sponsors for being so loyal.”

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