Sunday December 01, 2019
DAVE Parry, Wolverhampton’s former rider and team manager, is to stay with the club as their main sponsor for a staggering 20th successive year.

Cheslyn-Hay based Parry has remained a keen fan of the sport since his racing and managerial days ended and his company, Parrys International Coach tours, will again have their identity with the Premiership team.

He’s also supported a host of individual riders down the years.

And Parry admits it’s an association he can’t see ending.

“It’s something I’m very proud of and even after all these years I still love being so involved,” Parry said.

“As a youngster I used to go and watch on the terraces as a supporter when the likes of Graham Warren and Terry Betts were riding and I loved the sport instantly.

“I eventually got my own bike and gave riding a go and then I turned to being a team manager.

“I was in charge when former World Champion Hans Nielsen came to Wolverhampton and we all had some really good times.

“Even now from the sponsorship perspective I’m kept in the loop with everything that’s going on and I do make my opinions known.

“That’s where Chris (Van Straaten - promoter) and Peter (Adams - team manager) are great and we have such a good connection.

“I think they appreciate a different view point when they’re making decisions and as I’ve said it’s a successful partnership.

“I felt the team were very unlucky last season and I can see why so many of the same faces are already back.

“Rory (Schlein) has been a brilliant captain and I’m glad to see him back at Wolves for his final season in British Speedway.

“Nick Morris showed everyone glimpses of what he is capable of and Ryan Douglas turned out to be an excellent mid-season signing.

“It’s well known by now that Luke Becker is expected to be back and I think that would be a great story to see him and newcomer Broc Nicol in the same team.

“Wolverhampton have got a track record of having American partnerships in the team and these two lads are very exciting prospects.

“As a team they were so close yet so far in the play-offs in 2019 - but next year if they can stay injury free and have luck on their side at the right time then I expect to see the club pushing very hard for that league title.

“It would certainly make our record breaking 20th year sponsorship agreement one to remember!

“We’re very proud to be recognised as the Parrys International Wolves, we support riders individually as well and of course it gives the supporters some stability as well.”

Meanwhile club promoter Chris Van Straaten said: “We’re delighted to continue our relationship and Dave is far more to us than just a sponsor.

“Yes supporters reap the benefits with Parrys International in terms of season ticket holders getting discounts on their coach trips and of course the sponsorship he provides does help us maintain top level Speedway at Monmore Green.

“But Dave has a great input that we appreciate and long may it continue!”

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