Wednesday December 12, 2018
PARRYS International are staying on board as Wolverhampton’s main team sponsor for a staggering 19th season!

It’s a record partnership in British Speedway with former team manager Dave Parry, MD of Parrys International, supporting the bid to get back in the play-offs.

He said: “We’re pleased to be able to confirm that we will continue our sponsorship of the Wolverhampton Speedway team and a 19th year running is something we’re very proud of.

“Every speedway track you go to supporters seem to know the team now as the Parrys International Wolves and so it’s achieved its purpose on that front.”

Meanwhile club promoter Chris Van Straaten said: “We’re delighted to have Dave Parry and Parrys International back on board and it continues our long running partnership.

“Dave and his company have become so much more than a financial sponsor during that longstanding business relationship; he’s very often our fiercest critic and he certainly keeps Peter Adams (Team Manager) and myself on our toes!”

Once again, Parrys International will offer discounts on their brochure prices to Wolverhampton Speedway season ticket holders.

And the annual popular Parrys International Open Day will take place at the Cheslyn Hay base on Sunday, January 13 2019 where Rory Schlein and Kyle Howarth will be present alongside members of the club's management.

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